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50PCS Underarm Sweat Pads Premium Underarm Patches Disposable Gown Protection Patches

Made from the highest quality microfiber fabric, our sweat pads are highly effective, breathable, extremely absorbent and sticky, yet leave no trace.

6 PCS Underarm Sweat Pads Reusable Underarm Sweat Pads

Made of high quality cotton, these sweat absorbent pads are soft and highly absorbent, keeping your underarms dry and comfortable all day long.

60 PCS Underarm Sweat Pads Underarm Sweat Pads for Clothes

These underarm sweat pads are sticky and absorb sweat and sweat odor, making them a practical tool for everyday use.

Black Underarm Sweat Pads Cuttable Underarm Sweat Guard

These disposable, sweat-absorbing, anti-soiling underarm pads are made from a comfortable, breathable non-woven fabric on the side of the skin.

Extra Large Underarm Gym Pad Lightweight and Breathable Underarm Sweat Pad

Our underarm anti-sweat pads are made from a composite non-woven fabric that is breathable and highly absorbent.

Soft Skin Friendly Invisible Underarm Sweat Pads

This underarm sweat pad contains natural absorbents to absorb underarm sweat and odor.

Summer Invisible Sweat Proof Clothing Patch

Our underarm protection pads are suitable for most skin types and are non-irritating, making them a thoughtful gift for family and friends.