What is Underarm Sweat Pad?

Underarm Sweat Pad is a type of sweat pad that can be placed under the armpits.

Its main function is to absorb sweat from the armpits and prevent it from penetrating into the clothes.


Who is Underarm Sweat Pad suitable for?

Underarm Sweat Pad is suitable for all people who need to control sweat, especially athletes, office workers, business people, etc.

Underarm sweat pads are useful for those who have excessive sweat problems.


How do I use the Underarm Sweat Pad?

Simply place the Underarm Sweat Pad under the hem of your clothing or directly under your armpits when wearing sleeveless clothing.

After use, it is recommended that you wash or replace the pad immediately to ensure cleanliness and hygiene for the next use.


Where do we Ship From?

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How long is our Delivery Time?

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